1. How soon can we get married?

 The Marriage Act 1961 says you must wait one month from completing a Notice of Intended Marriage before you get married. 

 If there's an emergency you may be able to apply for a shortening of time from the Registrar. 


2.  What are your fees?

Check out my services page for a guide. 


3. Do you need a deposit?

Yes, once we’ve decided we’re a match (typically after a no-obligation meeting), I ask for 50% deposit to secure the booking. This deposit is fully refundable up to one month from the date of your wedding. 


4. When is the balance due?

7 days before the ceremony. I accept EFT direct deposit and Credit Card payments. 


5. We’re keen to book you, what happens next?

Awesome and thank you! Please email me at emily@emilydavis.com.au and include the date, time and location of your ceremony. I’ll send you back an email with all the info you need, and a proposed time and place for a no-obligation meeting. If we’re a good match, I ask for a deposit to secure my services and then I get to work on your ceremony.  


6. How do we play recorded music at the ceremony?

I have a battery powered PA that has a music facility on it so all you need is a device (like a smart phone) with a playlist, and a button presser. My PA has a handheld wireless microphone that I use for your ceremony so that everyone can hear me and you.


7. Do you support Same-Sex Marriage?

YES! I am and always have been 100% supportive of same-sex marriage, or as I'd like to call it now....'MARRIAGE'. I've conducted many commitment ceremonies in the past; however, I am so pleased that the law has now been changed and I can conduct legal marriages for all people in love.


8. What do we do if there’s bad weather?

Don't worry, the show will go on. To make sure there is minimal disruption for you and your guests, we always make an extreme weather plan before the ceremony, just in case! Extreme weather includes heatwaves, rain, flooding or bushfires. We’ll all be clear on plan B prior to the ceremony so any change can happen smoothly without too much disruption. I promise.


9. Do you do elopements?

Absolutely. Check the services page for fees.


10. How many witnesses do we need?

You will need to make sure there are two witnesses to watch the ceremony and witness your certificates on the day. They must be over 18 years of age. 


11. What happens if you’re sick and you can’t make it?

I will arrange a replacement Commonwealth Registered Celebrant to conduct the ceremony. 

12.  What areas do you cover?

I mainly work in Victoria and South Australia (city and regional) but I'm open to destination weddings in other states!


13. You look really familiar to me…?

That may be because I moonlight as a singer-songwriter around the traps…...